Fumes started as an art project. Two photographers searching for new ways to communicate ideas [fumes] through visual media.

Think it as part blog, part photography magazine, part community radio. the original focuses are still there:

Mostly Fumes from Asia. Non commercial. Free like the wind.

As in the beginnings… since then, years have passed and

"the face of Fumes will constantly evolve.. "

starting motto faded away as photographers rather be outside than coding, the

"...so check us out as we are updating fresh content twice a week."

declaration of the first enthusiasm, now sounds as those things that we say then don’t keep up… like mental notes to one’s self.

Today one of the originators is still posting, though at at slow pace, and the other has… well, got married and done other things.

We now have an open space for interesting collaborations, has we started running with this post and this other one, presenting new works from interesting producers.

So if you have a project you wanna develop with fumes get in touch…


We support the dream of an open and shared future for everybody.

Fumes is 100% open source software, available thru an open licence.

To make this FUMES 3.0 UI we used Jekyll, BEM naming, ghpages, sass, dry and kiss…

We like the idea of Creative Commons .

All photos used in Fumes, except for posts tagget reviews, are all originals shot on purpose.