Don’t believe in beliefs. When mystery presents itself people want answers.

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And when there are none, they cling to beliefs.

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As the function of a belief is to provide simple answers to the deepest of questions, beliefs provide a sense of safety from the depths of mystery.

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The beauty of a belief is that it can never be refuted, for it has

no base in reality.

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The dark side of belief is that different people may have different beliefs, yielding different explanations for the same mystery.

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And since people also hold the belief that a single question admits but a single answer, incompatible beliefs threaten the safety they were precisely designed to provide.

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When people feel unsafe they become unstable, and when people become unstable they become dangerous.

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Thus beliefs draw lines in the sand,
dividing into distinct groups those who have un-contradictory beliefs.

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People then take refuge within the confines of their group designated by their beliefs, and derive a sense of identity from it. But the best of all is to have no beliefs.

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Not non-belief, but the absence of the concept of belief altogether.

Be comfortable in the presence of mystery. Not every question has an answer. Move beyond the concept of explanation.

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And upon discarding your beliefs you will see that carrying around beliefs is like carrying around a bag of rocks for protection. The rocks not only protect you from nothing, but they weigh you down as well.

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In the absence of belief we have ideas. The beauty of ideas is that they can never be contradictory. Ideas we can pass back and forth, like exchanging chopsticks for a fork and spoon.

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Don’t believe in beliefs
Don’t believe in beliefs
Don’t believe in beliefs
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Don’t believe in beliefs
Don’t believe in beliefs
Don’t believe in beliefs