Our perception deceives us.

We awake in the morning feeling still, as we look out the window to see a tiny looking sun rising in the sky.

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We walk outside and the ground looks flat.

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And as we walk into the night beneath a moonlit sky, it looks as though the moon is strolling along with us.

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But our planet is not still, it is spinning furiously.

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The sun is unimaginably large. It is us who are in fact rising with respect to the sun, and the surface of our planet is curved, not flat. All the while the moon strolls around us.

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Our perception is crude. There is a whole universe inside the tip of a needle that we haven’t even the faintest sense of.

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A myriad of light waves are passing before our eyes at this very moment, propagating at frequencies indiscernible to us.

Sounds we cannot hear, things we cannot see, flavors we cannot taste, feelings we cannot feel… they all surround us more densely than the air we breathe.

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Our perception is of course a thing of beauty.

But be judicious in the conclusions you draw from your senses.

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Develop a sense beyond the senses.

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Perception deceives us
Perception deceives us
Perception deceives us
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Perception deceives us
Perception deceives us
Perception deceives us