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Fumes started as an art project. Two photographers searching for new ways to communicate ideas [fumes] through visual media. A metaphor to play with, delivering ideas via images.

Mostly covering Asia Pacific. Non commercial. Free like the wind.

Fumes are influencing our lives on a subliminal level.. just like the air we breathe.

Fumes slowly travel picking up and delivering the poetry within their journeys.

Fumes are free, you can easily stop breathing ‘em by moving past it upwind. Enjoy!

The Fumes website is 100% open source software, available thru an open licence.

Check us out as we are uploading fresh Fumes on a… hum, volatile basis.

Now that you read the all thing ‘till here, please consider writing us what’s fuming in your head! We’d def like to hear from you!

If you have a project you wanna develop with fumes get in touch…