Whitespace is situated in a converted warehouse in Ponsonby on the city fringe in Auckland. Directors Deborah White and Kenneth Johnson represent many of New Zealand’s senior artists alongside outstanding emerging and mid-career talent.

Whitespace presents a vigorous exhibition programme of New Zealand and Pacific contemporary art, with regular international projects, and are committed to many public and community art projects.

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Bob Kerr pairs significant historical narratives with illustrative landscapes to give insight into New Zealand’s past and people.

Bob Kerr’s creative practice combines his two artistic endeavours: painting and writing. Through the eyes and voices of scientists, conscientious objectors, and war veterans, Bob tells the story of New Zealand’s history, people, and the landscape.

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His historical landscape paintings are often unidealised and raw, revealing the stories embedded in the land and showcasing a beauty we may otherwise overlook. Although largely inspired by stories of historical figures, Bob’s paintings are regularly devoid of people but suggestive of a human presence.

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Bob invites the viewer to put themselves into the landscape and imagine what events have occurred there; his paintings do not offer answers, but present questions.

His paintings have an illustrative and narrative quality, which reflects Bob’s position as an artist and author. Through a clear and clever use of colour and texture, he gives an insight into stories that are both personal and historical.

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Bob Kerr was born in Wellington, and has a DipFA (Hons) from The University of Auckland. He has written and illustrated a number of children’s books, receiving the Best First Children’s Book Award in 1993 for The Optimist (1992).

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His paintings are held in private collections across New Zealand and overseas, with his best-known work appropriately appearing on the cover of Michael King’s book The Penguin History of New Zealand (2003).

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When we visited the gallery we met NZ artist Davina Stephens and she illuminated us about Bob’s oil painting technique… Interesting!

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