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An interesting show at Tony Raka Art Gallery, in Ubud, Bali has inaugurated today. Entitled Love Is Never Lonely, and curated by Melin Merrill, it shows the latest Natisa Jones works. Few big paintings and lots of small ones, together with some ceramic items. On till November, 9th 2019.

Fumes - Natisa Jones at Tony Raka - photo by ROKMA

Born and living in Indonesia, Natisa spent her studies years abroad. High school in Chiang Mai, Thailand then Melbourne, Australia.

"I think over the years I have subconsciously established my own language with colour. I seem to reserve certain colours to denote certain emotions or expressions — but this also depends on the gestural strokes they are accompanied by." Natisa Jones

This is the presentation text hanging in the gallery:

Here in this show, "Love is Never Lonely", we journey on with Natisa Jones, witnessing through her work the serenity in turmoil, and in the solitude of feeling alive, as she continues to search for what is true to her.

This will be Natisa's third solo show since she began her career in 2013.

Fumes - Natisa Jones at Tony Raka - photo by ROKMA

In the scape of Natisa's mind, we are taken to a distant vista, witnessing stillness in the tempestuous desolate of the ocean.

The vast horizon is a reminder of life's grandeur.

We can almost feel the swaying of the wave rocking the vessel as if to empty it. Her paper works are intimate in size. They seek less attention to seemingly create a sense of chasm with reality.

Fumes - Natisa Jones at Tony Raka - photo by ROKMA

In this show, we are not accompanied by her genderless figures that we have become familiar with. The representational character that is concern with making sense of its environment has chosen to give way for the observation of the minute.

"In terms of personal style, I think the most influential movement in the context or art and art history lands more to abstract expressionism and the New York school era. As I get older though, I am starting to go back further and further in time, back to modernism and then even further to the Renaissance." Natisa Jones

The room within the smaller spaced canvas allows for a more comprehensible expression of the emotional landscape that is normally more difficult to pinpoint.

By doing so, Natisa is able to take apart and detach forms of references, egos, and identities. This attempt in reinvigorating a journey of discovery, have presented a new artistic apparatus in a form of clay sculptures.

They are like three-dimensional abstract representations of individual emotions. Existing still within the same body of work, they form to create new ways of looking at the Self.

Fumes - Natisa Jones at Tony Raka - photo by ROKMA

Building on her visual language in order to facilitate growth.

To remain free in self-expression requires honesty. A journey that is often challenging for it compels self-criticism and isolation.

In the midst of the struggle to align with our truth, our moral compass is tested.

"The age-old question of “when do you know a piece is complete” is a really difficult thing to explain. There is definitely some sort of learning process of letting go. For me, since I’ve done this most of my life, it’s roughly a feeling of satisfaction or exhaustion. Either I’ve exhausted that expression and I don’t need to work on that feeling within myself anymore, and am done; or I have an overwhelming feeling of satisfaction with a piece and I have to pull myself back from fixing things that don’t actually need fixing." Natisa Jones

Mustering strength and courage to overcome the arduous journey is part of the struggle. Having to course through alone, an assured sense began to surface, that we were never alone. While in the depths of our experience, we tuned in to the Self.

Fumes - Natisa Jones at Tony Raka - photo by ROKMA

It communicated with our fears and anxieties turning them to allies. Forging forward, many conversations unfold and new perspectives emerge.

"Working on multiple pieces all at once allows me the space to bounce from one expression to another. It creates less pressure for me. But eight out of 10 pieces go through 100 stages and images before they reach their conclusion. I have maybe five pieces in my entire life of canvas works that have been completed in under 24 hours and stuck to their initial forms." Natisa Jones

The dimmed love begins to beam again, it is recognising its truth again. Content in entering a new phase with its new means knowing that even in adversity, its Love is Never Lonely when the intention is genuine.

Here are some photos of the new area which is just opening. Besides the restaurant and bar lounge area, this nice and bigger space will bring Tony Raka space, already a reference place for art in Bali, to a new prominence.

Fumes - Natisa Jones at Tony Raka - photo by ROKMA
Fumes - Natisa Jones at Tony Raka - photo by ROKMA
Fumes - Natisa Jones at Tony Raka - photo by ROKMA
Fumes - Natisa Jones at Tony Raka - photo by ROKMA
Fumes - Natisa Jones at Tony Raka - photo by ROKMA

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