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Ancient Chinese Wisdom:

"There is a beginning. "

"There is a... not yet beginning... to be... a beginning."

"There is a... not yet beginning... to be... a not yet beginning... to be a beginning."

"There is being."

"There is nonbeing."

"There is a... not yet beginning... to be nonbeing."


"there is being and nonbeing."

"But, between this being and nonbeing..."

"I don't really know... which is being and... which is nonbeing."

"Now I have just said something."


"I don't know... whether what I have said... has really said something"

"or whether it hasn't said something."

Zhuang Zhou

See the Pen Ancient Chinese Wisdom by rokma (@rokma) on CodePen.

Zhuang Zhou, often written Chuang Tzu, known for Zhuangzi ("Master Zhuang")[1] was an influential Chinese philosopher who lived around the 4th century BC.

He is credited with writing the Zhuangzi book, which expresses a philosophy of skepticism.

He made "The Old Fisherman," "The Robber Chih," and "The Cutting open Satchels," to satirize and expose the disciples of Confucius, and clearly exhibit the sentiments of Lao.

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