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Skateistan, a documentary film by Orlando Einsiedel on a skatepark project for the kids of Kabul, Afghanistan.

I was thrilled to learn that Skatistan was created in Kabul. It is a unique outlet for the youth to boost confidence and learn something completely new in a fun and safe way.

I live in Kabul and work for an international development consulting firm and believe that many types of development projects can be successful and have impact on the people in Afghanistan, such as the Skatistan project.

I commend the organization for helping young girls and boys lead happy and healthy lives in a very challenging setting.

Valerie Plesch

Check the project's website: skateistan.org

Current project: DIY Skatepark for Kabul.


"We're more than halfway to funding our DIY Skatepark! Would love your help in meeting our goal of $5,000! (at the end of january 2012 we raised already 2,726$)"
"We need: $10 per bag of cement (total $1,500 for all cement ramps), $200 for reinforcing bar, $300 for tools and other necessary supplies, $3,000 to have a flat smooth concrete slab laid, including labor (about 350 sq meter)."
"See if you can help... "
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