What’s triggering our food choices? It’s imagination for sure. We imagine the taste, the feeling, the effect of the food we are about to put in our mouth. But there is much more. As what we imagine is very variable from individual to individual, it is a well recognized reality that this process is influenceable. That is the reason behind the big budget international food giants spend to advertise their industrial food creations.

In this post we are displaying a variety of chocolate and cookies packaging that definitely have a visual impact and surely are looking very cool to most of us.

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One of the latest trends in food packaging is to associate the product, sometimes not even revealed as in this sack, with ultra catchy images from the entertainment world.

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Whether its the well famous pop-art master Roy Lichtenstein Comic’s look…

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Or a couple of Teddy Bears from this Korean firm which operates in food processing, retail, financial services, electronics, petrochemicals and more.

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A big operation is put together by Disney who’s is marketing lots of teeth and health destroyers coupled with their most successful cartoon movies image packaging.

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Is this corrupting our kids minds and exploiting parent weakness towards a demanding kid?

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Is it a decadent way to add meaning and please taste?

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Is it brainwashing gone far far into entertainment that it had reached the food domain?

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Is this demonstrating that we feed on ideas?

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Is this the proof that we are driven by pleasure and it’s today a 5 senses supermix?

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Or is that we actually desire to eat the cartoons that we had just watched on the big screen?

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For Japanese food company Glico carton imaging is as good as the classical evocation of some minor ingredients that posses an healthy image and will provide a perceived good excuse to treat us with what we know we should avoid.

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Packaging illustrations come from both popular Cartoons…

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And from traditional good luck iconography.

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So, can the old school soft impact packaging survive when put on shelves next to Hyper Packaging?

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Or marketing diversification will impose, as usual, the need to get noticed and we will see some more health aware products with some cleaner, more informative and humorous packaging and copyrighting?

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