Sepak Takraw is a sport popular throughout South East Asia.

Fumes caught up with some fishermen in an afternoon pickup game in the Thai province of Krabi.

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“Sepak”, meaning “kick” in Malay, and “Takraw”, meaning “ball” in Thai, is a simple and highly acrobatic sport.

In this modern Sepak Takraw the court is the same size as a badminton court, the rules are the same as in volleyball, only using one’s hands is not allowed.

Fumes - Art, Photography, Ideas

This is the new style Sepak Takraw, the traditional one is quite different. In the old way there are no teams competing, but players form a circle and help each other. The goal a very high basket-like target. Its all focused on style and control, on how acrobatic and peculiar your move is.

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