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Pak Mat Djabin is a traditional Javanese healer specialising in Urut massage.

Urut massage is perhaps the most sophisticated of all the Indonesian healing arts and can only be found in Bali and in Java, where the Majapahit Kingdom flourished and was influenced from Arab, Chinese and Indian traders.

It is certainly the most painful as it focuses on nerve pathways, pressure points and physically realigning and manipulating the anatomy.

Urut can be used to treat everything from soft tissue damage to even bone fractures.

Fumes - Human Mechanic - photo by ALEJANDRO PLESCH

Pressure point healing along the knee cap.

Fumes - Human Mechanic - photo by ALEJANDRO PLESCH

Using candles to heat bronze suction cups that suck the bad wind out of the body.

Fumes - Human Mechanic - photo by ALEJANDRO PLESCH

Urut massage is very precise and technical, but to endure the discomfort of a treatment is usually beneficial, as the feeling of well-being is quickly restored after the session.

Fumes - Human Mechanic - photo by ALEJANDRO PLESCH

If you like Pak Mat will massage you with his wooden dildo.

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