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Fumes - Balinese Masters at ABBC - photo by ROKMA

"Aesthetic DNA Trajectories of Balinese Visual Art" is the flamboyant title of an interesting exhibition held at AB•BC Building in Bali.

Fumes - Balinese Masters at ABBC - photo by ROKMA

"AB•BC Building hopes to work with individuals and collectives that support explorations and innovations in presenting thought-provoking experiences for its audiences through events that activate progress in arts, design and culture. A multifaceted creative space in Bali, fostering global arts, design and culture. As a hub for various creativities" - they state on their website

Fumes - Balinese Masters at ABBC - photo by ROKMA

Putu Sutawijaya, Berebut Kesunyian, 2017, acrylic on canvas, 190 x 280 cm.

The exhibition highlights the achievements of Balinese art performers, both those living in Bali and outside Bali. Drawing art, paintings, wood carvings, metal and stone sculptures, installations.

Fumes - Balinese Masters at ABBC - photo by ROKMA

With a variety of aesthetic forms and various patterns: ranging from symbolism, realism, surrealism, mysticism, expressionism, decorativism, formalism, from abstraction to photorealism.

Fumes - Balinese Masters at ABBC - photo by ROKMA

Dewa Gede Ratayoga. Big portrait no.2, 2015, Charcoal on paper, 240 x 133 cm.

Fumes - Balinese Masters at ABBC - photo by ROKMA
Fumes - Balinese Masters at ABBC - photo by ROKMA

"Erotic situation are a favourite theme of the Batuan painters and a subject requested by their art dealers and buyers. At the beginning, eros was usually not a central theme, but was hidden away in quiet corners of paintings. Under a small three for examples, or inside a cottage in the fields. Sometimes eros was implicit in mythological imagery and only apparent to those who were familiar with its visual code. Increasingly erotic situations are shown as subjects in themselves, usually surrealistic, often humorous, and almost always very explicit." - Bruce Granquist - Inventing Art The Paintings of Batuan Bali, 2016, page 230

Fumes - Balinese Masters at ABBC - photo by ROKMA

"Calling Balinese painting 'traditional' misrepresents the dynamics and highly innovative nature of painting in Bali. 'Tradition' implies lack of change, adherence to set types. While both the old tradition of classical Kamasan painting and the new tradition of modern art that developed in the 1930s work from such set types, they allow for a high degree of change. Innovation takes place In Balinese tradition through imitation. Each artist copies the works of other, but introduces elements both his or her own making that are connected to social and cultural changes." - Adrian Vickers - Balinese Art Paintings and Drawings of Bali, page 26

Fumes - Balinese Masters at ABBC - photo by ROKMA
Fumes - Balinese Masters at ABBC - photo by ROKMA

Here’s the complete list of the artists:

  1. Agung Mangu Putra.
  2. Dewa Putu Mokoh.
  3. Dewa Ratayoga.
  4. Gede Mahendra Yasa.
  5. I Made Budi.
  6. I Made Djirna.
  7. I Made Sumadiyasa.
  8. I Nyoman Tusan.
  9. I Wayan Sika.
  10. Ida Bagus Putu Purwa.
  11. Ida Bagus Rai.
  12. IGAK Murniasih.
  13. Kadek Armika.
  14. Kedol Subrata.
  15. Ketut Budiana.
  16. Ketut Moniarta.
  17. Komunitas Patung Padas Batubelah (KPPB).
  18. Komunitas Lukis Kaca Batubelah (KLKB).
  19. Made Budhiana.
  20. Made Griyawan.
  21. Made Wianta.
  22. Mahendra Mangku.
  23. Mangku Mura.
  24. Mangku Muriati.
  25. Mangku Nyoman Kondra.
  26. Nyoman Erawan.
  27. Nyoman Gunarsa.
  28. Nyoman Nuarta.
  29. Putu Sutawijaya.
  30. Putu Wirantawan.
  31. Wayan Bendi.
  32. Wayan Karja.
  33. Wayan suklu.
  34. I Ketut Muja.

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